Our Creative and Technical team comprises of more than 100 years of combined experience in making Stereoscopic 3D films. Our Creative team has the background and experience working on many Stereoscopic 3D blockbuster releases.

We combined the technical and creative sides of our team to build a system that can efficiently convert 2D movies to Stereoscopic 3D movies flawlessly producing pristine quality.

We output L and R eye files that can be encoded for Digital Cinema, Blu-Ray and DVD and can be viewed using Active or Passive polarized glasses.

We have always participated in standards committees and we believe the most efficient way to do business is to stay away from proprietary methods. Our system and processes are simple and easy to us, this allows our system to be modular allowing versatility for studios and avoid the learning curve bottleneck to allow ease of project based ramp up.

Our management is streamlined to reduce unnecessary overhead costs but offer the executive attention your project requires, we even customize our system to your project specification – offering ultimate cost control. We have aligned several certified offshore partners giving us access to several hundreds of seats at low cost.

In addition, as a Visual Effects company based out of Illinois, BSAT Labs qualifies for a 30% Illinois Tax Credit Incentive – this is as good as cash back to our clients!

Our Creative team knows what it takes to make a film; they have several years of experience working in Hollywood with Producers, Directors and Studios. They have executed and understand all aspects of film production workflows. Combined with our project management and technical skills we guarantee success of every project whether large or small.